When There Is No Strength To Live

627.1Comment: They say that now people can develop a condition called skin hunger or touch starvation. Especially in these times many people suffer from this, even unconsciously.

According to experts, we feel touch starvation when there is an imbalance between the number of desired touches and the amount that we actually receive. This is very similar to the usual feeling of hunger. In this sense, even touching a dog, a cat, or another animal already satisfies the hunger.

Therefore, most of the animals in shelters have been adopted in America. Large numbers of people come to pick up abandoned cats and dogs. There is such a trend in the world today: I want to have something warm next to me, and I will give my warmth to it. What do you think about this trend?

My response: Of course, when I cannot touch a person in a human way, at least I want to touch an animal in an animalistic way.

Question: But this is good, right? At least you give warmth to someone.

Answer: I cannot imagine these external, tactile contacts that replace the internal inclination and contact of hearts. There is no substitute for that. If there is an internal contact, then distances do not interfere with it and the body does not matter at all here.

Let’s say you have a dog and you play with it. I have nothing against that, but this is not what we should really experience.

Question: Only people can connect their hearts?

Answer: Yes. And not physically, and not tactilely.

Question: How can we connect hearts?

Answer: In aspiration. When you feel that you are aspiring for others and get the same response from them. Then you feel that one heart and the second heart have really opened and a common space appears between them. In this common space you can already feel love, understanding, mutuality, and feeling.

Question: Does this also happen because of hunger?

Answer: Of course, certainly, everything happens because of hunger.

Question: What is this appetite that attracts one heart to the other?

Answer: Lack of vital forces, not animalistic, but spiritual ones. I can feel them only if I connect with another person in this way.

Question: That is, the person says: “I have no strength.” Despite the fact that he has food and money, he says that he does not have the strength to live. Does this mean that he is looking for another heart?

Answer: Yes! He unconsciously feels that he has no one to live for! Life is still built on the fact that you give birth, reproduce, educate, give, and feel the same from others. This mutual fulfillment of each other is life. It is impossible to give to someone without receiving.

Question: Are these times coming?

Answer: I hope so.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/20/21

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