In Accordance With The Upper

276.01Question: It is said that the embryo sees the whole world from one end to the other. What does it mean?

Answer: This means that the embryo has no restrictions. He is in full compliance with the upper force, with the mother’s organism or with the qualities of the Creator.

It does not include any egoistic desires and everything in it that is opposite to the upper, the Creator or the mother, is suppressed by the general system. This is how it develops inside the mother.

And although there are some moments when the opposition to the mother may seem to contribute to the miscarriage of the embryo, her body takes it all on itself, suppresses the difference between the embryo and her, and the embryo continues to develop.

The embryo practically does not use egoism. It is automatically fed, its waste is automatically removed. It has nothing of its own.

The spiritual embryo must work on annulling itself before what arises in it. And the physical embryo does this under the influence of the mother’s body.
From KabTV “Spiritual States” 8/6/21

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