Spiritual Miracle

232.08Question: You often say in your lectures that the process of intrauterine development is a miracle. Explain why is it a miracle?

Answer: Because it is a combination of two absolutely impossible parameters: the property of reception and the property of bestowal. Moreover, bestowal and love prevail over reception and a new life emerges.

This process in nature is very complex, special, and one might even say unnatural. The development itself is natural, but here we do not have a development, but a combination of opposites one inside the other. Therefore, it is a miracle.

Question: In corporeality, I understand why it is a miracle: a foreign body develops in the mother’s body and it is not rejected. And what is a spiritual miracle?

Answer: It is the same in spirituality. In principle, the emergence of one organism in another occurs against the background of rejection. A person must go through this, must want to accept the property of bestowal in spite of his egoism and nullify himself.

Altruistic properties arise in him when he does not think about himself, does not make any calculations about himself. This is called a miracle.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/6/21

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