When All Needs Lose Value

538Question: We live in times when most people have everything they need. Since our basic needs are initially covered, it is no longer necessary to monetize your life’s work, right?

Answer: After a certain historical period, perhaps in a couple of decades, we will come to such a state that robots will work instead of us, and people, in principle, will no longer need money, fame, or even knowledge, because all this will lose value due to the lack of meaning.

Gradually, we stop seeing the meaning of our corporeal development and we understand that everything is coming to a dead end, including science. What we reveal in nature is actually a path leading us to the dead-end of development, to a global crisis. Everything is much broader and on a different level.

Egoism develops according to certain degrees, and now it has come to the point that it has closed itself. It folds, becomes a small village, and eventually it will force us to connect even though we do not want it.

Here we can come to connection either urged by various sufferings, including wars and destruction, or through realizing that it is necessary because it is the implementation of the program of creation.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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