Put Yourself Under The Influence Of The Upper Power

962.7Question: There is a thin line between habits in our material world when a person simply changes priorities and the state where a person consciously changes his nature and sees the whole world and all people no longer through his egoistic prism but through an altruistic intention and thus attains the spiritual world.

That is, a person still begins the spiritual path from his egoistic attainment of the Creator when he wants to reveal Him for himself. But then, does it become a habit and his second nature to see the world through altruistic intentions?

Answer: Yes. This habit really becomes his second essence, second nature, and that is what he does.

Question: It turns out that he can no longer go back and think egoistically?

Answer: I cannot say that. There are different possibilities. But to be in one nature, then in another, and sometimes fall back into the first nature is also possible.

It all depends on how much he exposes himself to the upper force that holds him like a magnet holds a piece of iron in the air. Iron is suspended in the air by the force of the magnet and is held by it. In the same way, a person can make it so that the highest positive force of nature, which gives him an anti-egoistic potential, will keep him above the earth, above his egoism.

Question: Just as the Creator has no thoughts about Himself, does a person who acquires a second nature also have no thoughts about himself?

Answer: To the extent that he received this force from the Creator.

Question: What does it mean that the Creator has no thoughts about Himself?

Answer: The Creator is nature that is absolutely opposite to our egoistic nature. Since He has no desire to receive, His whole essence is aimed at bestowal. That is how He works.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/25/21

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