The Impact Of The Sources And Of The Right Environment

260Question: If a person automatically gets used to reading, say, The Book of Zohar or Psalms, or praying, does this develop him?

Answer: Yes. If he engages in it all the time, then either The Book of Zohar or any other correct sources begin to influence him, and we see how he changes.

This, in principle, is their value. Where else can we receive the upper force, the upper energy, the upper influence on us? We must draw them to us.

The influence of the upper force comes precisely as a result of learning, reading, studying the sources, and most importantly being in a special society, in a special small group—the ten—that can organize a suitable environment for a person when he simply falls under their influence and is ready to change. And even if he is not really ready, they still change him.

Question: Do you recommend reading from the sources in the ten two or three times a day so that it becomes a habit?

Answer: Yes. But that is not everything. After all, the reading of the sources often happens one-on-one: you and the source. And when there is you and the environment around you, that is, not the still, vegetative, and animate, but human, special people who show you the right relationships and demand the same from you, then it turns out that you are pulling yourself up to spiritual levels.

Question: Many people are taught from childhood to pray, to read psalms, and a person automatically reads them because he was told that he will receive some kind of reward for this both in this and in the future world.

And if he is not accustomed to this from childhood, then he begins to ask the question: “Why should I read?” Since he does not feel pleasure in these texts and does not understand them. How can a person develop a habit here? Or does the habit consist of efforts? You once said that making an effort becomes a habit.

Answer: Relatively. It all depends on the society. The most important thing is to create the right environment for any person, for any companies, societies, and people, so that everyone can find the environment in which they can develop correctly.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/25/21

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