Expand The Scope Of Sensations

537Question: Today, physicists say that all reality is not matter, but information. We live in some kind of world and everything that exists brings us certain information. It is dressed in various garments, that is, in what we see around us. Why did the Creator create everything like this? Is it possible to see any information directly?

Answer: We see in our world that that is impossible. If we want to feel something, then any of our sensations consists of two opposite properties: sensing and what is felt. Therefore, the Creator created us as the opposite of Himself, so that we could feel Him, comprehend, and understand.

Question: The laws of nature do not depend on the observer; they are, as it were, unchangeable. And yet, if we change our internal properties, do we feel the laws of nature differently? Then even they change?

Answer: Of course, they change. What we feel, we feel in ourselves. If we change internally, then we feel that everything around us changes.

Question: The laws do not change regarding my natural egoism, but by changing my work with egoism, can I feel the laws of nature in a different way?

Answer: Absolutely. I kind of go beyond these laws. There is a realization of the true theory of relativity: everything is relative to a person.

Question: Do you mean about the egoist who perceives the world with five senses?

Answer: And above that. Five senses are not enough for us. In them, we feel only our world, and these are animal sensations. But rising above this, we begin to feel the above-egoism properties of bestowal. In them we feel the changing higher state of the world. This is perceived above our animal senses.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/2/21

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