Egoism Is The Basis Of Matter

260.01Question: There are people whose egoism constantly grows.There are those who don’t need anything at all and are quite satisfied lying on the sofa watching TV all day. What is the egoism that grows and where is it?

Answer: The ego is the desire to fill yourself. The ego is not only in each of us, but also in the matter that the still, vegetative, and animate levels are made of. If it weren’t for egoism, matter would not exist.

Matter feels itself only to the extent that it feels its egoism, to the extent that it feels the desire to enjoy, to sustain itself, and to keep its existence.

Where is egoism? The ego is inside matter itself, and it is also its spiritual component. If the ego changes, matter also changes. Egoism is the internal force that sustains matter and forces it to exist, that forces its electrons and its atoms to revolve.

We have all studied in school about chemical reactions and we know what the valence of an elements is, how they combine with each other according to the free electrons in the outer orbit of the atoms. These states are indicative of our egoism.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/15/19

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