Make Evil Disappear From The Face Of The Earth

962.8Question: What will help the restoration of the Temple?

Answer: I know only one thing: if the majority of Jews, even not all of them and not completely, aspired to connect and realize that this is the only salvation for them and for humanity, then all mankind would also follow them in this connection; the world would begin to rise spiritually and physically in all respects, and evil would disappear from the face of the Earth between people and around them.

Question: How can we come to such an sensory, heartfelt connection between us?

Answer: Only from the shattering. We are trying to bring people to connect by explaining as much as they can understand. And what they do not understand, they will feel from misfortunes that will still have to manifest between them.

Question: The Second Temple was destroyed because of unfounded hatred between people. This is a very serious condition, which is not easy to come to. Did the Jews feel it for the first time at Mount Sinai after spending many years in Egypt?

Answer: No. They started to feel mutual hatred while in Egypt: accusations, murders. And even earlier, it was revealed between the sons of Jacob: Joseph and his brothers.

Question: So there must be hatred first and then love is revealed?

Answer: Absolutely! Otherwise, you do not know what needs to be corrected. Without the revelation of hatred in all its forms, there can be no correction and no reaching connection up to love.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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