The Third Temple—The Final Correction

937Question: Is The destruction of the Temple an inevitable process, like inhaling and exhaling? It is impossible to only inhale.

Answer: It is not just inhalation and exhalation. The people of Israel were in Egyptian exile, ascended from it, reached the state of connection, built the First Temple, and fell from it after finding faults in it.

The Second Temple was built and it also collapsed. But now, after the destruction of the First and Second Temples and exiting all exiles, while in the last, third exile, they are achieving the greatest egoistic desires.

Question: Is this already the unity of all humanity?

Answer: This is not unity yet, but the comprehension of the real egoism that exists in all of humanity. After all, proceeding from previous connections, they can now understand in what malicious egoistic state they are in relation to each other.

Question: So, will the Third Temple be built when all of humanity is united? Will it also collapse according to the program of development?

Answer: No, at this stage the final correction is carried out.

The fact is that now we exist in the development of the Third Temple. It is characterized by the fact that all of humanity is beginning to realize its failure on the earthly level and to feel the only thing they lack is connection between them.

In addition, humanity’s beginning to reveal that unity, i.e., salvation from mutual hatred and lack of success in life, is in the hands of a group called Israel. Only they have the methodology of connection and all the information records of the past states. It is an experimental group that has gone through all these historical conditions and therefore today can present to all of humanity the methodology and practice of connection.

If this group, which in the past was repeatedly in a state of division and unity, today reaches unification, then all humanity will rush after it, will also join this union, and the world will reach a rise to a level that is higher than egoism, that is, complete salvation from its own egoistic nature.

If this group, which in the past was repeatedly in a state of division and unity, today reaches connection, all of humanity will head for it, join this unity, and the world will reach an ascent to a level that is above egoism—complete salvation from its own egoistic nature.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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