Becoming A Part Of One Common Whole

528.01There is no individual development in Kabbalah. It helps if a person becomes an organized part of the collective.

The fact is that our egoism stops working. It goes through such states that it pushes us out of itself.

We have already completed the individual egoistic path and we see to what an extent humanity does not know how to go further. However, Kabbalah says that the next level of development is not the level of individual complacency, attainment, or finding some kind of a niche for yourself, but it is the state when you reach collective thoughts and desires.

All the decisions are made only in the group, in the ten. Ten people connect with each other in a special desire and aspiration of thought, in which they suddenly discover a common integral force of nature, called the Creator. This is revealed through their correct connection when everyone rises above their egoism and connects with the others as if they are part of him.

Rising above the individuality and building a single common whole between themselves, they begin to feel in it, as in a new sensor, in a new feeling, this common force of nature according to the law of equivalence of form.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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