Moving To The State Of Temple

747.03Question: What is the destruction of the Temple? Where is its place in the chain of all the various spiritual states? Is this a state that a person or all of humanity goes through?

Answer: The destruction of the Temple is a great act. First, it is necessary to reach the state of the Temple where humanity is already at a certain spiritual elevation and needs to move on. Further advancement is impossible without the destruction first because, in principle, we move only when we discover some faults and malfunctions in our current state. Only then do we begin to investigate, measure, and correct them.

Therefore, the whole path began long ago, from scratch, with the appearance of a small egoism in ancient Babylon and with the subsequent exit from egoism by a group of Babylonians led by Abraham.

This group aspired to a connection between each other, which is the correction of humanity. It went through certain stages on its path: It entered a great egoistic development called the Egyptian exile and left it with a desire to rise above egoism since it recognized it as evil. Then it went through tremendous hardships and corrections in the forty-year ascent from egoism to the first altruistic stage, which is called forty steps or forty years of wandering in the desert.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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