The State Of The Ruin Of The Temple

933Question: Does a single person or the entire nation go through the state of ruin on the spiritual path?

Answer: It can be one person or it can be a nation. As a rule, a group of people goes through the feeling of ruin, and then they reach the state of the land of Israel. These are all spiritual states that are built only on the above-egoistic connection with each other.

The state of the land of Israel is the desire to connect with each other according to serious parameters above egoism of integration with each other. If people are capable of this, then the connection they achieve by integrating with each other as one single whole is called a Temple.

Having formed such a group, or you can say, a nationwide connection with each other, the followers of Abraham, as if, created a Temple, and for some time they existed in this state. However, in order to advance, they had to reveal even greater problems within themselves: where else they can connect, where else they can come closer to each other.

When the state of “here it is – the Temple!” is reached, then at first in the group that has connected everything seems to be good. But it is not, not good enough; there should be connection at the next level. In order to reach it, they must reveal in their current state all sorts of separations, disconnections, hatred, and mutual rejection that exist in them, but are not visible to them.

At the same time, the clarification of their next state takes place in them. It is manifested as a shattering, that is, they see their attempt to connect as an unsuccessful one.

Although it was very successful, now when they are advancing, which means even more light, even more connection, even more desire to be mutually integrated with each other, they begin to see how great their egoistic desires really are, which do not allow them to connect even more.

On the contrary, they feel themselves in the great shattering. This is the ruin, the destruction of the Temple. They again find themselves in a great desire to enjoy, in mutual rejection from each other, in the so-called Babylonian exile.

Then, from the state of the revelation of hatred, they again begin to aspire for connection and love, which is called the construction of the Second Temple. They build it, that is, they connect in a group so that it acquires a strong, monolithic state of mutuality and unity.

When they reach this state, they again discover that it is insufficient, that there are many different faults, defects, and mutual separations in it. It turns out that there, inside it, is egoism, which pushes them away from each other.

However, they see it because they have risen to the next level of mutuality and love. That is, every time they reach a higher spiritual quality, precisely thanks to it they find themselves even more disconnected and distanced from each other.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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