My Dear Subscribers!

599.01Comment: You have more than two million subscribers on Facebook, more than 260 thousand subscribers on YouTube. They are just like humanity in front of us—Russian-speaking but scattered all over the world. Even in Mongolia, there are about two thousand subscribers. There are subscribers in the Emirates. And so on.

They are people of different religions, ages, and nationalities. And they are gathered here, they are watching and listening. Their opinions clash, especially when events like the last war in Israel occur. There is your opinion, there are a lot of comments from Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

What would you say to all our subscribers, those who watch us? Will you be separating what you say to Jews, Muslims, and Christians?

My Response: No. No at all! They should see this from the way I treat my students, how I talk and what I do. Nothing like that!

For me, humanity is not divided into nations, into nationalities, into some other fragments, into religions, and so on. For me, humanity is divided into two parts: 99.9999999 percent are the people who just live, and it doesn’t matter who they are and what they are, and 0.0000001 percent is that part of the people, the “mighty bunch,” which can influence the Creator and, through Him, the entire world.

This is what I can say. For me, this is how humanity is divided.

Question: And to those who listen to you, and read?

Answer: These are my students.

I would tell them that for me there are no differences between religions, nationalities, only the desire to reveal the upper governing force in order to change us and our world. And nothing else is needed.

Question: And when there is a disagreement? There are a lot of disagreements and clashes in the comments.

Answer: This is along the way. They still want to show themselves in some way all the time, and they are nervous; after all we live in a difficult time. But I understand them.

I would, of course, very much like the world to gradually begin to understand how far this wisdom is detached from all our conventions, national and religious.

We address all people on Earth. We are in such a state that we need to reveal the upper governing force!

You can be engaged in any religion, do any job, anything at all, it does not matter. This upper governing force is above us all and does not apply to any of us in particular.

If you want it to treat you in a special way, you should come closer to it. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is talking about. Let’s find out how we can come closer to this force. It is possible. This is the kind of people I am trying to gather together and teach how to do it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/27/21

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