“He Who Comes To Kill You”

522.01Question: It is said in the Torah: “He who comes to kill you, kill him first.” What does this mean in our inner work?

Answer: If there is a program in nature for achieving love, connection, and someone stands up against it, then you must destroy him. We have a clear program for correcting the world, bringing everyone closer together, and if anyone is against it, wage war with him.

Question: It turns out that any of our spiritual forces must somehow manifest themselves in the matter of our world. In other words, if I did not manage to correct some part of my egoism and it has already started to manifest itself in the form of an external enemy that attacks me in the material world, then there is a clear law: I must fight with him.

Why is internal war alone not enough?

Answer: But you cannot deal with it, so you make up for it with an external battle. Moreover, an external war must be much stronger and fiercer than an internal one because you must somehow correct your properties.

Question: What if I am only waging an external war without an internal one?

Answer: It will accomplish nothing. Wars can go on for hundreds, thousands of years and will be of no use. Moreover, I must say that all the wars that are waged in the world can be considered Jewish.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/14/21

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