Why Do We Read The Book Of Zohar?

528.04Question: Why do we read The Book of Zohar if it is incomprehensible to us?

Answer: To gradually find contact and merge with the sea of information, energy, and light that exists around us.

You must include absolutely all your possibilities, means, no matter what, and try to connect with this higher volume by any means. The science of Kabbalah advises how to do this: unite with others while studying and develop special intentions in ourselves. But all this is built and aimed only at rapprochement with the outside world.

Question: From the point of view of our real thinking, this is dangerous. What if we daydream of something?

Answer: Do not worry, it is definitely not going to happen. Never! Kabbalists have said for centuries that one can go mad from this only in order to scare people away from Kabbalah.

I have been doing it for over thirty years. All the real Kabbalists I knew (basically no longer in our world) were simple, healthy, real people, who loved jokes and this life. This world and that world were for them as one whole.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #12

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