The Connection Between The Torah And The Book Of Zohar

Laitman_065Question: What is the relationship between the Torah and The Book of Zohar? Is it preferable to know the Torah when studying The Book of Zohar?

Answer: It is impossible to know the Torah because from the first letter to the last, it represents a code, a single line of letters that informs us of the right sequence of correction for the soul. The Torah is the course for the correction of the soul. It’s just that it is presented in such a way that we read it as a novel. That’s why we shouldn’t relate to it as to some historical, legal, or educational treatise.

With respect to The Book of Zohar, it is written as a commentary on the five books of the Torah. But only a small part of it remains, that’s why it is presented as an incomplete commentary on the full Torah. Nonetheless, The Book of Zohar is tied to the Torah.

Question: The Torah, like The Book of Zohar, was also not written by a single person?

Answer: The Torah was dictated by Moses, others wrote it down. Throughout history there has been knowledge of holy books that have been written by a collective of individuals because attainment of the upper world demands unity between people for the mutual destruction of egoism in each other. That’s why the Mishna, the Babylonian and the Jerusalem Talmud were also written by many people.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 2/5/2017

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