The War Of Gog And Magog, Part 4

275The Force that Leads to the Intention for the Sake of Bestowal

Comment: The 16th century Kabbalist the Ari wrote that the numerical value of the words “Gog” and “Magog” is 70. This probably explains what was written in The Book of Zohar that Gog will bring all the 70 nations of the world with it to Israel.

My Response: This is a complete Kli (vessel). The Creator will lead all the desires created by Him to a common state where they will have to discern all the opposite relationships among themselves in order to ultimately unite into harmony.

Comment: And the prophets write that Gog will gather all the nations of the world and lead them to war against Israel.

My Response: Yes, because Israel is not considered one of the 70 nations, it is not among them, but arises as the sum total of all the nations of the world when in an attempt to fight among themselves, they begin to understand, under the influence of this force called Israel, that it is drawing them to the Creator (Yashar-El—straight to the Creator). In this case, Israel leads all the nations of the world through the war of Gog and Magog to the Creator.

Question: As we know, Abraham created a group of 70 nations assembled on an ideological basis in Ancient Babylon, and they became the people of Israel. And then all of the 70 nations of the world began to fight against the people of Israel. It turns out, as it is said in Kabbalah, that “the people of Israel” means intentions and the “70 nations” means desires?

Answer: Correct.

Comment: And since the Creator Himself is the property of bestowal and love, then, in principle, this property should win.

My Response: Israel is the representative of the Creator in this world because it gives direction to desires. There are 70 desires that must unite with each other with the intention “straight to the Creator.”

Question: Does “Israel will win” mean that every desire of the nations of the world will be given the correct intention for the sake of bestowal?

Answer: Yes. In no way does it imply here that someone is destroying someone else. It is just that these 70 desires that exist in every person and in general in all of humanity have an egoistic intention to act only for their own sake.

And Israel is the force that is able to show, convince, prove, and lead all these desires to gaining intention for the sake of bestowal, to mutual bestowal and love. And then all these so-called 70 nations of the world, i.e., all the desires that are in every person, are directed to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/30/21

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