The Long Road To Jerusalem

919Kabbalah says that every object down here in this world corresponds to the upper root in the spiritual world. Spiritual Jerusalem is the point of connection between the egoistic desire of a person in need of correction and the desire to bestow of the upper force, the Creator. Therefore, it is called the perfect city, the city of peace.

Just as a person who goes to Jerusalem cannot be considered to be in this city, even if he has already traveled 80% of the way, so a person who wants to achieve correction, revelation of the Creator, a sense of the spiritual world, goes through many different states, until finally he reaches the last state, the state of entering Jerusalem, to a place near the Temple Mount. Then he can say that he is in the heart of Jerusalem.

This shows us that we need to put a lot of effort into our lives to achieve the revelation of the Shechina, the Creator, the upper spiritual force, and only at the last state do we finally come to this. This is symbolized by the road to Jerusalem, which can be very long, thousands of years, many kilometers, but in the end we will come to the goal.

Baal HaSulam disliked modern Jerusalem and called it a place of Klipot, evil forces. But in the future, Jerusalem must become a holy city.

Rabash was also critical of Jerusalem as a place where all the world’s religions, all kinds of currents, riots, and hatred for each other collided. Let us hope that this temporary face of Jerusalem will soon change.

Therefore, the attitude to Jerusalem depends on which city we are talking about: the material Jerusalem or the spiritual one, today’s or the one that should rise in the future.

I was born far from Jerusalem. My grandfather, who was a very religious man, told me a lot about this city with great trepidation. I was only six or seven years old, but I felt how eager he was to get here and connect with this place. Even just talking about it was a huge pleasure for him. But he was born in exile and died in exile, never having seen Jerusalem.

When I was immigrated to Israel and went to Jerusalem for the first time, I entered through the gate to the old city, I felt as if he were accompanying me, and I was realizing my grandfather’s dream. It was very exciting.

Let us hope that Jerusalem will regain its title as the “Perfect City,” and we will reveal the Creator to the creatures in it so that “everyone will know Him from young to old” since “My house will be called the house of prayer for all nations.” I think that time is near.

The Book of Zohar says that Jerusalem is like a heart in a common organism, and therefore the world cannot exist without it, just as it is impossible to live without a heart. Jerusalem is the center of all material and spiritual reality, the foundation of all creation.

I very much hope that we will see how the ten spiritual qualities will be combined with the material desire in this place. When this connection takes place, that is, they reach equivalence at the point of connection, then our world will receive nutrition, nourishment with forces and filling from the upper world. This will affect all religions and beliefs, and all will come to the state of which it is said: “My house will be called the house of prayer for all nations.”
From KabTV’s “The Peace” 4/27/21

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