The Paradoxes Of Kabbalah

629.1There is nothing more whole than a broken heart; there is no greater scream than silence; there is nothing more upright than a crooked ladder. (Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk)

Comment: In this quotation, everything seems to contradict each another.

My Response: This all happens when a person is looking for the truth and he understands that it is impossible to get to it by a direct path. And it is only possible when you go against logic, against the opinions of those around you and your own, as well.

Question: Is this called a “broken heart”?

Answer: Yes, not in your pride to overcome all this and put yourself above others. You are looking and you are looking and you are looking. And you have the willpower to agree with what is against you. You try to find a truth that would be against you. That is, you investigate everything, and you see that everything in you resists.

And then, when it resists, it is necessary to check well, to dig deeper into yourself, because here, perhaps, there will be a way out like that of Pinocchio, a passage to this magical world.

Question: What does “there is nothing more whole than a broken heart” mean to you?

Answer: These are shattered desires, shattered hopes, shattered attitudes toward the world you are accustomed to.

Question: Why is there nothing more whole than a broken heart?

Answer: Because after you are disappointed, you give up your old dogmas and you can find the real path.

Question: And what does “there is no greater scream than silence” mean?

Answer: Because if it is quiet, then it is not good. This means that your ego agrees with something here. So you should check well.

Question: Is there an inner cry? If so, is everything correct?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: And what does it mean “there is nothing more upright than a crooked ladder”?

My Response: A ladder cannot be straight at all, it always stands at an angle. Otherwise, a person cannot climb. So a crooked ladder is a straight ladder that stands at an angle and leads upward. Only on it can you climb.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/8/21

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