The Creator And Consciousness

610.2Question: When we call the upper force the Creator, we are as if personifying it. If the spiritual space is a field of consciousness, can we talk about the subject to whom this consciousness belongs?

Answer: No. There is no subject.

Question: How can consciousness be without a subject, without an “I”?

Answer: Spiritual space spreads everywhere, fills and includes everything. There is nothing else besides it. And we are inside of it. The concept of “subject,” however, implies that you must limit it by some qualities.

The quality of bestowal, on the contrary, means that everything is outside and nothing is limited. Only bestowal. Everything that exists besides Him, is created by Him in order for His creation to attain Him.

Question: How does the process of cognition take place in the spiritual? Or is there no such thing?

Answer: For the Creator?! No. There is nothing there but the quality of bestowal. Therefore, consciousness at this level does not exist. Consciousness always comes from the fact that something is missing.

Comment: If we are talking about the field of information, then this seems clearer to us.

My Response: But this is in regard to us! We feel this field relative to us, and we cannot say anything about it in itself—who, what, and how—only how we perceive Him in our sensations, how He is revealed in relation to us.

Comment: In religion, of course, everything is mixed up. However, Kabbalistic sources also kind of personify the Creator.

My Response: We need to define this concept in some kind of words: He feels, He thinks, He is angry, He rejoices. Everything we say is only in relation to a person in order to tie him to the Creator. Just as you can talk about some machine, device, or equipment, and project your feelings on this object.

Question: Does this personification disappear when we rise spiritually?

Answer: Absolutely. There is nothing left but the field of bestowal. It is infinite, has no gradation! And only we perform spiritual actions in it.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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