In The Field Of The Upper Light

537Question: You say that the information field that surrounds us is analogous to the upper light, which cannot be diminished to the level of the physical field. Are the concepts of information field and upper light identical?

Answer: By light, we mean the quality of bestowal. It is a positive quality that exists in nature along with the negative, like plus and minus. According to the science of Kabbalah, receiving and bestowal are the cornerstones of our world. From this, all pluses and minuses in fields, particles, in all inanimate, vegetative, and animate material come.

If along with the quality of receiving, which initially exists and develops in us according to the program of evolutionary development in accordance with the world surrounding us, which is developing as well, we will be able also to develop a positive quality of bestowal, mutual, and good connection, not for oneself, but exactly to make our connection equal and uniform, then we are included in the true filed, in which all nature exists.

We will be able to explore it in the measure of equivalence with it, in correspondence with it. But for this, it is necessary to add an altruistic component to our egoistic nature.

Question: It turns out that the light is a part of this field, right?

Answer: The light and the field are the same. When we talk about the influence of the field on us, we say that the light affects us, i.e., the force of the field. Obviously, it is not a physical light, but the force of bestowal and love. It is like a special radiation that fills the entire universe and all its levels, including those above the physical.

We need to reveal this field and then we will understand the whole system, all the secret processes that exist in nature, which are currently hidden from us.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/22/19

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