Knowledge To The Detriment

961.2Comment: I heard about a serious terrorist attack in Sri Lanka in which 253 people were killed. It turned out that this attack shocked the whole population, especially because it was carried out by intelligent terrorists, as the media called them, people who were highly educated and who came from rich families, not from the lower socioeconomic parts of society.

The same thing happened in a terrorist attack on a synagogue near San Diego where a 19-year-old kept shooting until his gun got stuck, and if it hadn’t been for that, he could have killed everyone in the synagogue. He was a student in medical school and also studied music. We see even higher education has little impact in this sense.

My Response: Education does not guarantee anything since education is not upbringing. It is educated people who build nuclear bombs. Educated people build weapons. It is actually educated people who do that.

Question: Exactly. Why don’t we speak about them?

Answer: We sometimes speak about different tribes that fight against each other, but eventually they don’t destroy each other because if they had, we would not be in the state we are in today as descendants of those tribes.

We need to understand that our evolution is based on egoistic development. So the greater egoists we become, the more we improve all kinds of weapons in order to destroy each other more cruelly. You could not picture the Holocaust in the Middle Ages, for example.

Question: Does this mean that the more educated we are the more cruelly we treat others?

Answer: Of course.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/14/19

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