Differentiation Within A Person

226Question: In Kabbalah, there is such a concept as upper light. Can we say that the general information field forms this upper light?

Answer: You can give some analogies. But all the same, I would not reduce the information field to the physical, either it is particles or it is waves, because in this way we lower its level, and first of all the level of its influence.

The information field is not divided into parts. And the person who perceives it divides it according to its structure. The field itself is indivisible. It carries absolutely all the information, and all the influences that we feel come from it.

In principle, we can say that everything we perceive is information, which is then felt in ourselves as some parts of nature: pleasant, unpleasant, etc. That is, all the differentiation takes place within us.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 1/3/19

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