Feel Responsible For Everyone

117Question: In order to feel the network of connection between us, we must be in a state of mutual guarantee. What is this feeling when I am responsible for others?

Answer: I am responsible for others means that I must fulfill my part in this network as if I am fully responsible for it.

This means that each of us from his own point, from his own node, in this network is in control of it. It is controlled through me, through you, through him, through everyone. But it is done on the basis of his specific personal point. Therefore, everyone is responsible for it, meaning, for the entire world.

Every person feels this. As he progresses to this state, he begins to feel that he is attaining this network, this soul, and it is his inner state.

At the same time, each one is responsible for gathering everyone together into one single network of connection, and for spreading the quality of bestowal and love through this network.

Question: Does it mean that I am responsible for the revelation of the Creator to other people?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What are the states that are accompanied by the feeling of the Creator?

Answer: Warm, mutual states: a feeling of eternity, perfection, mutual support, mutual care. That is, this is completely opposite to what we usually feel in our world.

Question: What if I cannot be responsible all the time?

Answer: This is attained gradually and is called the process of correcting a person.

Question: I see that other people are hurting, there are diseases and wars. Does it mean that I feel that I am responsible for this? This is scary.

Answer: Whether this is scary or not is not the question. It is about whether this is true or not. When a person begins to comprehend that the network of common connection depends on him, it means that at the same time he has the opportunity to feed it with the good force.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/17/18

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