Breathe The Light Of Life Into Each Other

507.03For the people of our world, the rule “love your neighbor as yourself” is so disgusting, boring, already tried, and does not attract anyone.

In reality, love your neighbor implies a state where we unite together like small dots, small elements of the universe, into one single mosaic, into one single picture, gathered into one system, and we start working with each other in it like cells in a common body.

And then, from a dead organism that we are today in separation, we turn into a living organism.

If you cut off pieces from the body and divide it into elements, it dies. Therefore, you must collect them. To the extent that you try to do this, the Creator breathes into you the light of life, the spirit of life.

It turns out that we need to yearn for each other, for a universal mutual connection. We will thus restore our common body, our common soul, by connecting with each other.

Question: How do we yearn for this?

Answer: On one hand, we are driven by evil, emptiness, disappointment in this existence, fear of what will happen tomorrow, and disappointment with the kind of world we leave to our children.

On the other hand, from this emptiness inside, an aspiration for something appears. A person begins to feel: “I have been pulled toward something! There is a vector in me that works that looks for something.”

This was not the case before. This is happening right now, in our generation. Together with emptiness, with general depression, there is also a quest, an aspiration for something. A person begins to realize that all this is not as it is and that there is something, somewhere, waiting especially for me.

Our current state has been specially adjusted for us so that we can get out of it and move on. Therefore, our generation is a transition.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #13

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