Connect To The” Common Computer ” Of The Universe

763.1Question: At the subconscious level, we process large amounts of information with our conceptual mathematical apparatus. If we consider the individual and collective levels, then the question arises, is there such a mathematical apparatus for describing the spiritual structures that are the roots of our consciousness?

Answer: Naturally. If one is in egoism, why can’t one be the opposite of it? Exactly the same but a mirror image.

That is, if I use the spiritual properties of bestowal, then I clearly act, know why, how, for what purpose, and with which forces. In general, in the development of spiritual space, I use everything that works in our world, but in the opposite form.

Question: Shouldn’t this mathematical apparatus be more extended?

Answer: Indeed, its power is greater because it is not associated with personal data, problems, goals, or limitations, but only with my ability to rise above myself. When, with the help of the higher energy, the upper light, I can pretend to be something that gives, then I join the “common computer.”

In our world, I have to create something. In the spiritual world, I don’t have to create anything. I only need to adjust myself so that I am like the spiritual space in which we exist, only for as long as it is hidden from us. Then, as they say, the entire “computer” will be in front of me.

Depending on which qualities I choose from within myself, above my egoism, to that extent and in that style, I enter this spiritual computer, this spiritual field. On the one hand, it behaves discretely and digitally and, on the other hand, with analog signals. So, here, we are faced with both.
From KabTv’s “Meeting With Kabbalah” 3/29/2019

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