What Does Changing Human Nature Mean?

546.02Question: Can a scientist understand what changing human nature means without participating in this experience himself?

Answer: Of course. This is very easy to understand.

In nature, there is egoism, and there is a force that can change it to its opposite to altruism. We just need to know how to attract this force to correct us. This is achieved by specific work in small groups where we annul ourselves before the others, purely mechanically, as if in a game.

But can we, egoists, annul ourselves? We can. By making such efforts, we attract the positive force of nature.

Nature consists of two forces, positive and negative, plus and minus. Today, we are controlled only by the negative force. And we can attract the positive one with our own efforts. Then, while existing between both forces and balancing nature, we will begin to understand it and control it ourselves.
From KabTV’s “Challenges of the 20th Century,” 4/24/19

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