New Life 310 – Man’s Character

New Life 310 – Man’s Character
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

What is our character, what is its purpose, is it possible to change it, and what is the way to realize it in order to reach connection through integral education?

Each person is born with a different character

There are four basic character types and each one of them is then divided into four. Overall there are 16 basic character types.

The character a person is born with is the one he will die with. It’s not possible to change it, but one can learn to use it correctly

Each person is composed of many gears and each cogwheel needs to conform to roll with others. Mankind needs to reach completion between these four prototypes to be as one whole person. People are always looking for people to complement them, they are looking for a perfect connection with the environment.

Balance and mutual completion means that we all are both different and equal.

Everyone wants overall completion, even the sad types. For example, in the past there were leaders with “the look of melancholy.” What defines a person’s character is both fate and genetics. You can call it Reshimo (Reminiscence).

There are four internal character layers: a. the hidden layer, b. the known and undesirable, c. the desired, and d. the outer presentation.

Above one’s nature, one needs to reach “love your friend as yourself” in order to reach mutual completion and a good world

The integral approach doesn’t work on individual psychology, but on the development of human connection. Nature created us differently so we would realize ourselves in the connection between us. Connection: each one tries to act for the good of the other, and see whose attributes complement each other beautifully.
From KabTV’s “New Life 310 – Man’s Character,” 3/4/14

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