The Destination Of Women

962.7Question: It is important for a woman to have something of her own. And a man no longer tolerates any framework. Why?

Answer: A woman also goes beyond her boundaries. Previously, the main thing for her was the house, family, children, and a husband. She did not even have to leave the house.

Question: Is it possible that the environment forced her to do this?

Answer: No, no one forced her to do anything. This is truly so. If a woman has children, and everything is normal in the family, then this is the right existence for her.

Today, she does not receive any fulfillment from her children, her husband, or her family. A person still has to exist for something, one must receive pleasure. Therefore, a woman, not feeling fulfilled, goes out into the outside world, I would say, from despair, from not getting satisfaction in the family.

Comment: Studies say that married women have a very unstable psyche. They are forced to constantly consult a psychologist.

My Response: This is terrible. A woman is created for a family and children. This has always been the case, especially in the Jewish community where they took care that no girl was left without a groom, so that the couple always had at least some living wage. This is actually commanded to us.

The duty of society is not to leave a woman alone, but to create for her the environment for which she was created by nature. Therefore, a very important social function was matchmaking, guardianship, and care for young couples. Society did not leave it on the parents’ shoulders only.

Matchmaking is not just an interesting profession, but a solution to a very wide range of social problems. This institution of care has been going on since ancient times, it is already thousands of years old. It is based on very serious motives—not to leave a single person without him being inside his properly built family, within which he should exist.
From KabTV’s “Close-up” 8/11/09

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