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294.1Question: What is the correct name for the field around us: the information field or the field of consciousness? There is a lot of confusion here. Some scientists talk about the field of consciousness, obviously referring to the same thing, and some about the field of information.

Answer: It depends on the level at which we view the information. It can be physical, scientific, material, spiritual, or sensory. What kind of framework we prepare for it—here lays the problem.

We put information in some objects, attach it to some actions, and then we get the corresponding results. And the information itself does not mean anything. This is not even a set of data, but, as they say in Kabbalah, a record, a Reshimo.

When this information record enters a certain spiritual object and creates some new conditions in it, then we can already talk about the quality of this information. As it is, it is just a record.

Question: So when this information interacts with us through the Reshimo and we begin to feel it, to structure it, then it becomes information?

Answer: Reshimo and information are the same thing. Information that is embedded in us is called Reshimo. “Roshem” is from the word “record.”

The main thing is to implement this record to put myself in a specific state, or to determine what affected us, what information I received.

I cannot say anything from the record of the information. I have to realize it in myself, then I turn into the object of this information, it works in me, makes me into what is written in it.

And when I become the test object, the end result of this information record, then we can say what it carried in itself. That’s how it works.
From KavTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/22/19

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