Until The Need Ripens

559Comment: In the primary sources it is written that certain forces must be destroyed, erased from memory, for example, the force of Amalek (the abbreviation of “Al Menat Lekabel” meaning the intention for one’s own sake). But it is not written anywhere that it is necessary to exterminate the “mixed multitude.”

My Response: The power of the mixed multitude is close by, in parallel with those people who are constantly leaving Egypt and rising above their egoism in their desire to unite, to love, and to reveal the Creator in connection between them. But this is a person’s struggle with their own egoistic inclinations. It continues throughout history until they are completely corrected.

Question: That is, these forces are like wolves, orderlies of the forest, who are looking for some sick desires? They help a man figure out his intentions?

Answer: Yes. We have no right to destroy them. We must simply move forward despite their resistance.

Even in our community, we see how people who have been with us for a long time suddenly get up and start saying: “Guys, you are acting incorrectly! You have to follow a different path! We just need to fulfill the commandments without delving into their inner essence! Only in this way can we do what needs to be done. ”

And they say it from the bottom of their hearts. They simply do not attain a higher level of the intended purpose of the commandments. As a result, we cannot agree with them, and they leave.

Question: Does the mixed multitude include people who consciously demand payment from the Creator for their actions, otherwise they are not ready to work?

Answer: Yes. But what is the reason? If a person went by faith above reason, he would find the strength to act further for bestowal, love, adhesion, and unity. And if he does not go for it, since this urgent need has not yet matured within him, then he has nothing to do but to remain in his egoistic state, and he has no other choice. Then he becomes Erev Rav (mixed multitude).
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/2/21

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