The Essence Of The Level Of Erev Rav (Mixed Multitude)

547.06Question: If Israel are people who descended from Abraham, then when did the Erev Rav (Mixed Multitude) appear?

Answer: The Erev Rav appeared in the time of Abraham. Practically, they were constantly developing and became even stronger in Egypt. Egypt does not mean a geographical place but a person’s spiritual state.

The group which Abraham assembled in Ancient Babylon moved to another place, meaning ascended to another level, to the Land of Canaan (Eretz Canaan). This means that its level was constantly changing.

When they reached such a state that they began to feel themselves in Egypt, that is, under the burdening of egoism, the force called the mixed multitude (Erev Rav) was revealed in them and pulled them back.

The fact is that until you reach final correction, this force runs parallel to you, helps you with its opposition, and points out your flaws like any opponent shows where he can harm you. That is, the Erev Rav gives you an understanding of where you can improve yourself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/22/19

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