It is Easy To Nullify Before The Great

527.03Our path becomes more and more precise every day, the direction is clearer and the desired and actual states are more defined. I measure my progress by how much strength I receive from the group, how much longing I have to reveal the Creator, and how much of this desire I can give the group. These two forces are keeping me accurately on the path to my goal.

The main thing is to keep raising the importance of the goal, which constantly disappears. Because of this fact, we will move forward all the time. It is impossible to proceed without negative forces because the advantage of the light is revealed from darkness.

And therefore, if the importance of the goal suddenly disappears and gives way to the feeling of gloom and darkness, this is so that we feel this state as “evening,” after which “morning” can come. It turns out that we awaken the dawn and the dawn does not awaken us.

Pay attention to what a huge influence the environment has on our life: newspapers, television, public opinion, news. We feed on these sources. If it were not for all this external information, we would live like animals; everyone would bury themselves in their hole and not be interested in what is happening outside.

I would not know what is happening in the world, what everyone thinks about, and what they want. But since I feed on information from the whole vast world, it shapes me.

Given this feature, if we want to advance correctly, we need to rise above this world in order to be above it. Therefore, in the group, one should mainly talk about the greatness of the Creator so that it is above everything else, so that it sounds in every word and sentence.

You need to make the ten more important than the whole world so that it pulls you up and not on the corporeal level like the whole world pulls you toward its insignificant values. I must feel how a higher force is acting inside the ten. Therefore, we should talk about the greatness of the Creator because before the great, it is easy to nullify ourselves.

The striving for self-nullification brings us to faith above reason. The power of the Creator, called the power of faith, becomes higher than the power of reason, that is, egoistic reception. And having nullified myself in front of the group that inspires me with the greatness of the Creator, it will be easy for me to nullify myself before the Creator and direct all my efforts to Him.

In return, I will receive the power of faith, bestowal, from the Creator and then I will feel that all reality, except for my little egoistic world, lives according to the law of bestowal, and the Creator fills the entire universe.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/6/21, “Raising the Importance of the Goal”

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