In Front Of The Raging Sea

608.02Question: Once the sons of Israel received Pharaoh’s permission to leave Egypt, they left it in a hurry. Pharaoh, however, began to regret that he had let the people go and sent his army in pursuit of them.

What does it mean in the inner work of a person that Pharaoh regretted it, and why?

Answer: The fact is that a person running away from his egoism must exit it once and for all. The feeling of the boundary that one crosses is the state of the passage through the Red Sea.

The sons of Israel feel at this moment the strongest upsurge of egoism, which is forcing them to turn back and return to Egypt, to egoistic slavery, and, as before, to succumb to their ego.

They do not know what to do. On one hand, they are eager to go there, on the other hand, they are eager to stay here. In this state, they stand in front of the what is called the raging sea because all this happens inside a person.

Question: Inside one person or inside a group of people?

Answer: Inside each person in the group of people trying to rise above their egoism in order to connect and in the connection with each other to cross the egoistic barrier.

Question: Thus, as the Torah tells us allegorically, in front of them is the sea, behind them the chariot of Pharaoh, and the Creator says to Moses, “Lift up your staff.” Moses raises the staff, the sea parts, the waters divide in two. What does this mean?

Answer: This is the same technique as when a person advances with the help of a staff.

The staff means to go by faith above reason. The staff in Hebrew is “Mate” (lower), meaning lower than your opinion, your reason, your egoism. You have to lower your egoism so much that you ignore what it tells you and go above it. This technique helps a person pass through the Red Sea.

As soon as the sons of Israel crossed to the other side, the sea returned to its normal state and swallowed all the Egyptians. This means that this condition kills those who do not want to move by faith above reason in the quality of bestowal, connection, above their egoism. That is, you will have no spiritual attainment, no crossing the Red Sea. You will not be able to cross it and find an external quality that is higher than your egoism. Therefore, all our egoistic desires are drowned in the sea.

The parting of the sea symbolizes the separation between egoistic and altruistic desires. Part of them, the altruistic desires, come out of the sea, and another part, the “Egyptians,” perish.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/2/21

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