Resettlement Of The Babylonians

747.01Comment: There are some similarities between the way Abraham and his thousand followers left Babylon and the way the Israelites left Egypt. The difference is that Abraham was not pursued and the Israelites were pursued by Pharaoh and his army.

My Response: Abraham divided the people in a very simple way. He left most of the Babylonians, knowing that they with their egoism would scatter from each other anyway.

This is described in the “Great Commentary” (Midrash Rabbah), which refers to the same time as the “Book of Creation” of Abraham.

Thus, we have sources written four and a half thousand years ago. Of course, this is not recent history, but in principle, we can believe it because as we reveal these ancient stories, we see more and more that what is written in those books is really true.

Although Babylon was originally inhabited by a single nation of about three thousand people, they were still a collection of many ancient tribes, clans. Abraham was also from a tribe called “Ivri.” That’s why he was called “Abraham the Ivri.”

The famous historian Josephus Flavius, whom we can trust, describes very clearly how people settled all over the Earth: one part of the Babylonians went to Germany, another to the Apennines, a third to the East, to India and China, a fourth to the north, toward Russia, a fifth to Africa, and so on. Although he calls this by other names, but, in principle, you can guess.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #6

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