Gifts From Abraham

541Abraham was a very famous, respected person in ancient Babylon. Therefore, his Kabbalistic teachings successfully spread among the Babylonians. It is said that he presented them with the whole idea of future spiritual development.

Rambam, the great philosopher of the 12th century, wrote that thousands of people followed Abraham. Thousands! He led them away from Babylon into the Land of Israel. Those who did not follow him, because they did not feel an inner predisposition to become similar to the Creator, decided to scatter around the globe. The original sources say that Abraham gave them so-called “gifts.”

The gifts mean that he has taught them all sorts of other methods that are based not on overcoming egoism and not on correcting it in the middle line in order to advance above the ego and rise from HGT to HBD. On the contrary, these methods are based on reducing egoism, belittling it, and being satisfied with modest and small things. In other words, Abraham gave the Babylonians the beginnings of beliefs and religions. This is how they settled all over the Earth.

We see that those spiritual teachings, especially the Eastern ones, as well as religions, are built on being modest, not standing out among others. They do not encourage the development of egoism and even the development of machinery and technology.

These theories are completely opposite to the method of Kabbalah, which says: the more egoism, the better because with its help we can rise and correct ourselves.

However, if a person has no desire for correction, then it is better for him to belittle his egoism and keep his head down.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #6

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