The Creator Is Playing Hide-And-Seek With Us

947“My sons defeated Me,” that is, not one person but precisely together. Anyone who wants to reveal the Creator must unite with others like himself. And only when they feel themselves as one, as the sons of the Creator, can they come to Him, demand and overpower His concealment.

The Creator is hiding on purpose so that we can search for Him. “He will not quarrel forever” because He wants to reveal Himself but only if we search for Him and need to reveal Him.

Therefore, the more of us who seek Him, the greater the revelation of the Creator, exactly as it is said: “My sons defeated Me,” that is, many sons. The Creator is waiting for our quest and rejoices when we defeat Him. After all, all the concealment created by Him is designed to make us grow, to awaken us to seek and reveal the Creator.

The Creator is always revealed from concealment, and we must make an effort to unite. To the extent that we unite and eliminate all the forces of separation that operate between us, we will turn them from forces of separation into forces of revelation, and to the extent of our efforts, we will reveal the Creator in them.

“My sons defeated Me” means that we are turning concealment into revelation. Of course, we cannot do it ourselves, but we demand the Creator to help us. Therefore, our work consists of two parts: first, to unite by reaching one desire, one aspiration, and second, to seek the Creator and oblige Him to reveal Himself. We are always working mutually: “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.”

And when we almost succeed in defeating the concealment, the Creator immediately hides and forces us to search for Him again. And so again and again because only from both forms, concealment and revelation, do we clarify all the qualities of the Creator and turn them into our own qualities. The revelation of the Creator can only be in the equivalence of form, in the reflection of His qualities in our qualities.

Therefore, spiritual advancement always goes through concealment and revelation. And if we do not associate our states with either revelation or concealment, then we do not relate to spirituality at all and are not directed toward the Creator. After all, the path to the Creator can have only two alternatives: either concealment or revelation.

A person who seeks the revelation of the upper world must direct himself correctly, always discovering the concealment and revelation over all his qualities and actions. And the greater the concealment, the greater revelation comes after it—one against the other.

In order to reveal the Creator, it is necessary to organize a group because the Creator only reveals Himself as ten Sefirot. And so, we need to discover the ten desires that are properly connected and united by a common intention, to feel ready to unite and support each other like the ten Sefirot of the spiritual Partzuf. All are included in all and become ready for the revelation of one force.

And although all tens are very different and separated by their egoism, since we come out of one force, then by annulling our egoism, we again become as if one whole and have the opportunity to reveal new forms of the Creator, one, one and only.

The Creator is playing hide-and-seek with us: He hides, we search and find Him, and He hides again. So we run after Him and in this pursuit gradually study Him and format our desires in equivalence with the upper force, preparing them for the revelation of all the qualities of the upper light.

What is learned in the ten is already a spiritual gain that remains in the Kelim forever. But one person is not able to keep spiritual thoughts and feelings within himself.
From the World Kabbalah Convention 2021, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/28/2, “The Ten: A Musical Instrument in the Creator’s Hands,” Lesson 9

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