The Creator Truly Wants To Reveal Himself To Us

939.01The revelation of the light depends only on the vessel because the light is in absolute rest. Therefore, all our work is focused on building the vessel (Kli) according to the size and quality of which the greatness and the quality of the Creator are revealed to us.

Therefore, the Creator is called “come and see” (Bo-Re). The greatness of the Creator is determined by the vessel we create for His revelation. If we correct all the desires to receive created by the Creator, we achieve an infinite, that is, unlimited revelation of the Creator to the creatures. Then, after the end of correction, there are new stages of attainment, which we do not yet know about.

In the meantime, we need to get together and connect so that there are no barriers left between us. The more everyone restricts their egoism and annuls themselves, the stronger the revelation of the Creator in our Kli becomes. Of course, the Creator can only reveal himself in the ten.

Everything depends on the integration of friends—on how much we are able to connect our desires, our hearts—and not on the amount of knowledge

If we bring fragments of a broken vessel so closely together that no cracks remain between them, we can reveal the filling in it, the light will no longer flow out of it like water from a cracked cup. The fulfillment depends on the strength of our unity and its character, on the depth of egoism we overcome, and on how we unite. All this determines the shape of the revelation of the Creator to us.

The Creator is completely dependent on the creatures. He gives Himself to us, gives the creatures the right to determine His revelation.

The Creator truly wants to reveal Himself to us and each time secretly leads us to this. But He cannot reveal Himself to us; otherwise we would not have the Kli for His revelation, freewill, our own desire for His quality of bestowal and love. That is why the Creator always acts in a hidden way, pushing us to unite with an invisible hand, and trying to awaken us. At the same time, He remains in hiding and suffers greatly from the fact that we cannot succeed in this.

This is called the suffering of the Shechina. The Creator regrets terribly that He gave people all the necessary means and they are not using the opportunities they have received. And the Creator cannot give us more than that. If we have not implemented the previous state yet, He cannot advance us any further.

Therefore, we need to establish relations between us that are as similar to the Creator as possible. To become like the Creator is the task of man, who will thereafter be called Adam, from the word “similar” (Domeh). Our mutual relationship determines the revelation of the Creator’s quality “come and see,” giving Him pleasure and raising the Shechina from the dust above our head, above our egoistic thoughts and desires.

Therefore, the main task of the congress is mutual advancement, all of us together toward the single goal.
From the World Kabbalah Convention, “Discovering Life In The Ten” 2/26/21, “The Greatness of the Creator in the Ten,” Lesson 2

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