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597.01Question: According to Kabbalah, I can take the properties of the Creator as the absolute, and with regard to Him carry out the analysis of “sweet-bitter,” ”truth-false.” The only problem is, why should I believe that the Creator is the property of bestowal? I don’t feel it, I don’t see it.

Answer: And don’t. The fact is that this is not some theory that we are trying to impose on someone.

We do not lure anyone; we simply invite people to see how Kabbalah explains the structure of the world, the structure of man and his interaction with the world, how it explains the nature of man, the nature of society, how it invites us to come to the most comfortable state.

Question: This is all clear. But, for example, in Kabbalah it is said that a person is a desire to receive. And in principle, everyone can check themselves. Even after a few months of studying, you understand that there is not a single action that you do for someone else. Everything is for your own sake, everything is just in order to receive. That’s clear. But that the Creator is a property of bestowal and love, where can this be seen?

Answer: It is said about this: reveal it, try it and see.

Question: So this should be taken as an axiom?

Answer: Of course. You must develop your properties and feelings enough to begin to feel Him. There are things that we do not feel, such as the general force acting around us as some kind of radiation, which in its natural form I cannot feel. But I am offered to develop such sensors, with the help of which I will begin to feel the Creator.

Question: In the same way, scientists, long before they invented the microscope and discovered different microbes, took it as an axiom that there must be some small elements. Is it the same with the Creator?

Answer: Yes. For someone who does not comprehend, this is just an assumption.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/22/19

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