From Line To Circle

939.02Question: Even before your teacher, there was a vertical teacher-student relationship and now it is spreading outward to the masses. Are these the same laws? What is changing? Or does the essence remain the same?

Answer: Before our time, everything really spread from top to bottom. But there were periods, mostly in ancient times, when it spread in breadth, in circles.

Question: Can we say that you are the first teacher who teaches the world in breadth?

My Response: Yes, it just so happened. This is how it happens.

Question: The law of the circle is completely different from the law of the line. Is it possible to be somewhere in distant orbits, but to be closer than in the closest orbits?

Answer: Yes. But this is a mutual dependence between the surrounding and the inner light. As, for example, a small child is closest to his mother, and the older he gets, the further away he gets, although he understands her more. But it is also a mutual dependence between light and egoism.
From KabTV’s “Teacher – Student” 2/7/19

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