The Property Of Clipping The Egoism

592.03Question: What does serpent mean in our spiritual development?

Answer: The serpent is the personification of all our power, which can be either the elixir of life or the poison of death. As it is written: “I have created evil against you.”

That is, the evil of a person is not in him, but against him. We only think that it is in us. As soon as you begin to see that it is outside of you, and you can look at it from the outside to this extent, you can begin to correct it. It is not difficult for you.

Question: Why is snake venom used for treatment?

Answer: Because it represents the complete concentration of opposites to the Creator. That is, you use this power either for good or for harm. By itself, it is neutral.

It is just a force, just like a sword that cuts off heads because they are egoistic heads, they must be cut off! Thus, in many of our actions, the most important thing is the action of the knife. We see how necessary it is in all our creations. The cutter in the machine is the same knife.

In other words, the property of clipping, when you analyze and separate, is paramount. Everything starts with it. Therefore, first, the sword chops off the heads, and then with its help, the reverse side restores a completely different attitude toward life.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #5

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