Two Types Of Connection Between Teacher And Student

528.04Question: Hundreds of thousands of people have discovered the wisdom of Kabbalah. This became a revelation and great joy for them. But it turns out that it is not that simple. We need to find a teacher, not just find him, but establish a connection with him.

What does connection mean on the path with a guide, a teacher?

Answer: Today the teacher is not necessarily the one who is next to you. Once upon a time, there were places where students lived with their teachers. Now, this is not necessary since we can communicate very well through virtual connections.

Therefore, it is no longer necessary for the teacher and the student to be in direct contact with each other. But a connection with a teacher is needed in order to learn from him.

Question: How is this connection built? What is required from a student and possibly from a teacher?

Answer: The point is that there are different types of communication with the teacher. One of them is common, like at the university where you enter the classroom, sit down, attend lectures, then pass exams, and leave, practically without any contact with the teacher. You learn from your lecture notes, from what he gives you, but nothing more.

There is a clearer connection when the teacher directly influences the student, and he changes in accordance with this. Moreover, the teacher watches him, educates him individually, presenting him with rather serious requirements. But not everyone is ready to accept them.

Question: Does the willingness to accept these requirements depend on the person or on some preliminary factors?

Answer: Yes, there are preliminary factors, but they are not sufficient. In order to bring them to the state of being sufficient, the efforts of the student himself are needed.
From KabTV’s”Teacher—Student” 7/2/19

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