It Is Not Enough Just To Love Others

627.1Question: Scientists call oxytocin the love hormone. They believed that it is required mainly during childbirth. Then they realized that this is the main thing in the communication between mother and a child. Then they found that the basis of communication between lovers and friends is oxytocin.

Now scientists at the University of Toledo offer it as an anti-virus. They say that if the virus suppresses the immune system, then the love hormone, on the contrary, raises the immune system. This balance will give a person strength.

Basically, is your treatment based on injecting a person with the love hormone?

Answer: No, it is not about starting to love others. The point is that there is an inner reconstruction. Moreover, it must occur under pressure, at will, with the efforts of the person himself.

Question: As a result, are you against all these medical treatments?

Answer: No, I am not against them! Yes to the treatments! But not to cure a person of hatred. You cannot do it; you will suppress him. The Creator said: “I have created the evil inclination, but I have given the special, upper light against it, which you must apply gradually. You will feel and see how you make a human out of yourself.”

A person must go through all these very difficult states by himself. He must understand why the Creator made him this way.

A person must understand why he was created evil. He should slowly start by not removing this evil from himself, but covering it with good, with the help of the upper influence, the upper light, and getting closer to the Creator. He receives from the Creator the quality of bestowal and love that is opposite of the quality of a person—to receive and hate, which is the natural quality, i.e., the evil inclination in a person. Therefore, advance in such a way.

This is a serious job that a person must do by himself. This is what the Creator gave us to work with. We must create a human out of ourselves, to mold it ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/22/20

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