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945Question: Suppose I chose a teacher and after two or three years I see that I have nothing to learn from him, and even know more than him. Such things happen in our world in music, sports, etc. Does it happen in Kabbalah?

Answer: Yes, the same can happen here. It is quite possible that it is worth changing teachers. But here you need to understand to whom you are changing. Either you change your teacher because you don’t want to apply more effort or because you have an urgent need for it because you cannot advance with the old teacher.

Question: Is there any particular connection between teacher and student?

Answer: The teacher is a conductor of the higher energy, higher light, and higher knowledge to the student. Therefore, it is important for us that the student is connected to his teacher because this connection does not vanish.

Remark: Earlier the groups were very small, and therefore a close relationship between the teacher and the student really existed. Today, you have millions of students and naturally, you know only a small amount of them.

My Comment: It does not matter who I know, it is important which of them considers oneself to be my student, one’s attitude toward me. To this extent, the student rushes with his or her inner movement toward me, and through me one receives contact with a higher power.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/4/19

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