The Path Between Good And Evil

562.02We must always look for how to balance all the bad qualities in us, by compensating them with the qualities of light. “Love will cover all crimes,” that is, we must always build the right connection between all parts: within ourselves and between us and the environment.

The Torah describes the laws of how to treat inanimate nature, plants, animals, people, and the upper force, the Creator, that is, how to organize all five levels of desire so that nature takes the form of a sphere, perfection.

When we try to create such a perfect form, we reveal its source, the upper force, that created everything. Our life begins with the Big Bang, with a complete shattering, with a negative force that scattered all the particles in all directions. And then, when the particles are collected and incorporated into each other, creation begins. This is how we need to see our work: gathering all the opposing parts of nature and bringing them together so that they support each other.

Evil does not disappear because good does not exist without evil. As long as humanity does not understand it, it will approach war. After all, we do not understand the laws of nature, according to which our separation will only grow, and on top of it we must come to unity and connection.

A small child is able to accept only good things. But an adult understands that it is impossible without problems. During a person’s development, one realizes that the evil is not outside, but inside oneself, and in order to correct the evil, it is necessary to compensate for it with love, with connection. There is nothing but separation and connection.

“Peace” (Shalom) means “perfection” (Shlemut), completion. Evil remains, because it came from the Creator. But we ask the Creator to give us a second force, the good one, to build a middle line between good and evil. Just as the Creator does not relate to evil or good, so we also do not relate to good and evil, but we only want to organize ourselves between them in the middle line.

In this middle line, we discover the Creator more and more by working together with Him. By covering all the revealed evil with good, we come to the middle line and understand that everything was in order to reveal the Creator and establish a connection with Him. Therefore, through the attitude of “all sins will be covered with love,” we build a relationship with the Creator and achieve integration with Him.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/8/21 “Love Will Cover All Crimes” (Preparation for the Convention 2021)

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