Not By Chance

528.02Nothing in the world happens by chance; everything happens only for the single purpose of advancing us toward the goal to be united as one man with one heart and to connect with the Creator.

This is the purpose of all of reality. And if we aspire for it, we perceive any problem as an opportunity to accelerate our progress and guide us in the shortest and best way.

The main thing is to detect the center of the ten, and from this center, to yearn for the Creator in order to ask and demand His help to advance, to thank Him for connecting us in the ten and giving us the mind and feelings to advance toward Him.

Prayer should consist of gratitude and request. Gratitude for the fact that the Creator did not leave us in an unconscious state like the other people in the world, but He gave us the understanding of where we are and how we should move toward the truth, to the world of truth, to the true state, and thus learn to control our destiny.

All this is in order to give the Creator contentment by the fact that we can come closer to Him and draw all the people of this world with us. The Creator wants to see all people united together in one ten, in the ten Sefirot of the soul of Adam HaRishon.

This is our duty with regard to the Creator and to all of humanity because we are in the middle between them and must connect the Creator with other people. And therefore, we are called the servants of the Creator. On one hand, we are in the corporeal world and are connected with all the people, and on the other hand, we are connected to the Creator and should serve as a passageway between Him and the created beings.

We have both of these parts, a part of the Creator and a part of the created beings, which we must connect within us as Galgalta ve Einaim and AHAP, and establish our soul.

The Creator has chosen us for this work: to serve as a connecting channel, a means of communication, a passageway, between Him and humanity, and we want to justify His trust. It is hard work because it requires us to care not only about our own destiny, but for the destiny of the world, to feel the pain of everyone, and to feel their desires. At the same time, it is a special honor to receive such a mission.

The center of the ten is the place where we connect all the time due to the fact that everyone nullifies himself before the ten, subjugates before it. In this way we reach the center of the ten from which we turn together to the Creator. If everyone nullifies himself before the others, then we have nothing left but one common point in the center from which we turn to the Creator. Otherwise, the Creator will not hear what we want to say to Him.

If I see that my friends are burning and my heart is deaf, then I should feel like a little one among the big ones and participate to the best of my ability. Even if I sit in class and I do not hear anything, do not see anything, do not understand anything, if my thoughts and feelings are numb, I am among my friends despite everything. This means that I become an embryo inside the ten like a child inside the mother.

The child in the mother’s belly lies curled up and does nothing, it only annuls itself, and the upper develops it. In the same way, I must nullify myself in the ten, become incorporated in it as much as possible, and wait for my friends to influence me. This is a very high state and such self-nullification allows us to grow.

By nullifying myself and wanting to incorporate in the ten, I am doing them a great favor, because I am performing the right action according to the conditions that the Creator now sets for me. We always represent the ten Sefirot in the ten, and we play a different role in these ten Sefirot each time. Therefore, the friends will not be able to advance if there is no one like me nullifying himself among them.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/5/21, “The Prayer of Many” (Preparation for the Convention 2021)

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