Tuning The Strings Of The Soul

528.02“Love will cover all crimes” is not just a beautiful phrase, but a means to achieve love for the Creator. We received a broken soul, and this breakage is revealed until the very end of correction throughout the entire spiritual ascent. Each time we must strive for unity, for devoted connection, right up to love.

Therefore, we will constantly reveal the left and right lines against each other, and climb the steps of hatred and love. The Creator broke the vessel precisely in order to give us the opportunity to ascend the steps of unity higher and higher.

The group must comply with the condition: “Love will cover all crimes,” that is, to reveal sins, hatred, to correct all kinds of gaps between us, and to heal them with love. Love is such an interconnection in which no one feels himself, but only everyone together.

In this way we build the stages of ever more powerful connection, until in them, as a result of our efforts, the quality of oneness, which is called the Creator, begins to unfold. There is no other way to approach the Creator.

We work in the ten, try to connect and reveal the unwillingness, hatred, and rejection, we quarrel, but rise above the strife to embrace each other again. And in this way we hasten the path.

This law applies not only in the ten, but also in everyday life between people, countries, between children and adults, in family relations. If we want to come to connection, we must also identify gaps, separation, and contradictions.

But in everything you need to see the future goal, that is, to understand why we do it. For any tiny change in our lives, we must always move from darkness to light, from night to day, and the same happens in our relationship with the Creator.

Participation in the ten is necessary in order to reveal the connections between us: hatred and love, ever stronger and deeper, and in the contrast of darkness and light to reveal the Creator as the advantage of light from darkness.

It’s like a small voice that we can’t hear. We are still in a sea of sounds, but we do not distinguish them. We need to reach such sensitivity to begin to hear them, to recognize that the Creator is between us, sometimes hiding, sometimes revealing, in different forms. And this is only possible if we build connections between the friends in the ten, to show all the nuances of the contrast between the shattering and the connection.

Moreover, this does not require external manifestations, an explosion of hatred and emotions. All this should be inside, expressed in the subtlety of sensations. We must become more and more sensitive because we want to reveal the Creator hidden between us.

The Creator is hiding because we do not have enough precise and subtle tools capable of capturing Him. The deeper we penetrate into all the subtleties of the transition from shattering to connection, feel all the difference between them, on these edges we will begin to feel the Creator.

A master of his craft is one who is sensitive to the smallest details, who has sharpened his sensitivity. Nothing is noticeable to the outside eye, but for the specialist, every little detail becomes essential and shows him what is happening.

We lack precisely such sensitivity. The Creator is still between us, but we don’t have the right feelings. Our desire to enjoy is very rough and is at the lowest degree of the sensations of this world. We also need to learn to subtly feel everything that happens in a friend. Having set myself up for such a relationship with my friends, I begin to reveal my relationship with the Creator in them.

Our relations with each other are like strings that sound in tune, now in a minor key, now in a major, that is, in distance and connection, in all sorts of states. This is how the Creator speaks to us because it is He who has shattered and separated us, and He also helps us to connect.

So, we feel Him playing on our strings, on the connecting threads that run between us, playing on our relationships. This is how we reveal Him and find out what He wants to say to us, and we also play our own melody to Him, a hymn of unity, love, and desire. And so we are more and more attuned to the revelation of the Creator in creation.

From our approach and distances, from all possible states, three lines and connections, as spiritual Sefirot, we learn the language of the Creator better and better, understand what He says to us, and how to respond to Him. All our connection with the Creator is through our connection with each other. Therefore, one who is not in a ten does not have the opportunity to reveal the Creator; this is the condition of the last generation.

In our time, the general Kli is being corrected, and therefore we are called the last generation. We need to  correct ten by ten and start putting them together. But first of all, you need to tune each string like a violin or guitar so that they are in tune with each other and all together in tune with the Creator.

This is already spiritual work in the ten to connect with the Creator, to give Him a place to open up between us and play on us. And we could play Him a song of gratitude, a hymn of His glory.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, 1/16/21

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