Enjoying Each Other

608.02Man is created in the desire to receive. How is this desire transformed into receiving for the sake of bestowal to the Creator so that I become equivalent to Him?

The fact is that a special feeling of dislike for the simple use of my desire is formed in me. I reject this desire for self-enjoyment, push it away from me. I want to restrict it, to shorten it in some way so that later it can be transformed into a desire to receive, but with the intention of bestowing upon the Creator.

After I restrict myself, I must begin to feel the Creator, and only to the extent that I feel that I am filling Him, do I allow myself to enjoy. Therefore, the sensation of the Creator arises within my pleasure from Him. And it turns out to be a double gift from someone who loves me. Therefore, it is said that the righteous gain double.

This gift causes pleasure in me not even doubly, but billions of times more because I feel the attitude of my beloved in it and at the same time feel that I also give to Him and enjoy what I enjoy from Him.

Mutual circulation of pleasure with each other leads to such an internal integration called adhesion. This is the highest state of creation in relation to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah – Science of Life” 3/1/18

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