Do Not Break Away From The Collective

567.04Question: Do you think that a person should have time alone with himself and do something only for himself? If so, what should he do, for how long, and what should he think about?

Answer: We cannot regulate such things because they are purely individual. We must simply teach a person the right attitude to the purpose of nature, to the state that one must reach. And in accordance with this, he will choose for himself one or another rung in social behavior.

Question: In relationships between people, there is a private zone that cannot be crossed, it is allowed only to the most loved and close ones. Do you think that for communication, for example, in our courses, it is necessary to know that this depends on the culture of a person and on his character?

Answer: All people need to know, understand, feel, and explore themselves and others so that in the end we all connect into one common whole.

Question:  Are the boundaries washed away between people in spiritual space?

Answer: Completely. We strive to destroy personal space so that all hearts become like one heart.

Comment: It is hard to imagine what happens when you have nothing personal and cannot spend even five minutes with yourself.

My Response: You will not need it! On the contrary, you will not want to break away from the collective.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/30/20

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